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We are glad that you have decided to rent a home through Accolade! Please choose the application below that best describes your situation:

STANDARD APPLICATION - CLICK HERE - Please use this application if you have previous rental history (or are a homeowner) and believe that you can qualify for the home without a co-signer.

STUDENT APPLICATION - CLICK HERE - Please use this application if you are a student or an individual who does not make three times the amount of monthly rent or have rental history. NOTE: You will be required to have a Co-Signer.

COSIGNER APPLICATION - CLICK HERE - If you plan on financially guaranteeing a home for another individual, but do not plan on living in the home, please use this application link!.

Screening Criteria

Download Screening Criteria

Rental History: 12 months valid, verifiable rental history.

Valid rental history is a written lease or month-to-month agreement.

If rental history is less than 12 months then an increased deposit -OR- cosigner may be requested Final recommendation will also be dependent on credit history and level of income.

Credit History: At least 4 accounts established for 1 year in good standing.

If derogatory credit history (excluding medical & student loan collections) is in excess of $100 but less than $3000 an increased deposit -OR- cosigner may be requested. Final recommendation will also be dependent on level of income and rental history.

Employment: no minimum requirement.

Income: 3 times the rental amount.

If income 2.5 – 2.99 times the rental amount an increased deposit may be requested.

If income is less than 2.5 times the rental amount a cosigner may be requested.

Recommendation will be dependant on level of income, length of rental & employment history and credit history.

Acceptable documentation for verifiable income varies based on the income source. Generally accepted documentation may include 2 consecutive (recent) paystubs, most recent tax returns, W2, Leave & Earnings Statement (LES), Statement of Social Security Benefits, I20 (International Students), etc.

Federal, State, and local subsidies will not be considered in rent-to-income ratio.

COSIGNER RENTAL CRITERIA: A cosigner will be APPROVED if all the qualification below is met, if the cosigner does not meet any 1 of the following criteria then the cosigner will not qualify.

  • RENTAL HISTORY: 2 years of valid and verifiable rental or mortgage history with no late payments.
  • CREDIT HISTORY: At least 4 accounts in good standing with less than $100 in derogatory accounts.
  • EMPLOYMENT: 12 months with current employer or previous employment in same field of work.
  • INCOME: 4 times the rental amount of the unit in verifiable, garnishable income.


  • Verified eviction showing on credit report or confirmed with landlord.
  • Rental collection verified on credit report.
  • Balance owing to landlord.
  • 2 or more late payments and/or NSF checks and/or noise complaints within a 12-month rental period.
  • Open (non-discharged) bankruptcy.
  • Past due or foreclosed mortgage.
  • Derogatory credit history in excess of $3000.
  • Unverifiable social security number.
  • Falsification of rental application.
  • Breaking lease agreement that will result in collection filing.

We do not automatically deny applicants based on criminal history. Rather, criminal history is considered based on the nature of the offense and time passed since the date of final disposition (e.g. applicant was released from prison, probation or parole). We limit consideration to those convictions, the dates of final disposition of which pre-date the report by no more than seven years. Note that convictions for the following offenses may result in denial:

  • Murder (1st and 2nd degree)
  • Manslaughter (1st degree)
  • Assault 1st , 2nd & 3 rd degree)
  • Robbery (1st & 2nd degree)
  • Rape (All counts)
  • Rape of a child (All counts)
  • Child molestation (All counts)
  • Kidnapping (All counts)
  • Theft (1st & 2nd degree)
  • Burglary (1st , 2nd degree & vehicle prowling 1st degree, Residential)
  • Malicious Mischief (1st degree)
  • Arson (1st , 2nd degree & Reckless Burning 1st degree)
  • Possession with intent to Deliver (All counts)
  • Delivery or Sale (All counts)

A criminal records search will be performed for felony and misdemeanor offenses. All felony and misdemeanor offenses must be disclosed on the rental application.

Consider this statement as notification that we do not accept "comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports", as defined by RCW 59.18.257

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